Friday, September 13, 2019

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

by Senior Editor Mary Bast

With our 2019 issue, Bacopa Literary Review rejoices in ten years of publication. To celebrate, below are our First Place prize winners from each year (follow links for more about the authors and/or the works):

Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): Rick Sapp, "What the Old Man Knew About Time"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Mary Bast): Elaine Jordan, "Swimming with Joan Baez"
Poetry (Editor David Maas): Angela Masterson Jones, "At the Crossing"

Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): JoeAnn Hart, "Open House"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Mary Bast): Amanda Skelton, "Warding Off the Monkey"
Poetry (Editor Eldon Turner): Colleen Runyan, "mr or the tea"

Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): Cecile Barlier, "Legionnaire"
Short Fiction (Editor Kaye Linden): Grier Jewell, "Girl in the Gibbous Moon"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Dorothy Staley): Jeremiah O'Hagan, "The Hymnal"
Poetry (Editor Eldon Turner): Sb Sowbel, "Room 5, Guest 1: Being Human, American Style"

Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): JL Schneider,  "Dick and Jane Meet Again"
Short Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): Stephanie Barbe Hammer, "Red"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Dorothy Staley): Gina Warren, "A Sparrow"
Poetry (Editor Eldon Turner): Carolyne Wright, "Sestina: Into Shadow" 

Fiction (Editor Gen Aris): Charlotte M. Porter, "Pangs"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Dorothy Staley): Melani "Mele" Martinez, "Burned"
Poetry (Editor E.R. Turner): Julia Wagner, "Coming to Center"

Fiction (Editor Shellie Zacharia): Ellen Perry, "Milk--Bread--Soft Drinks"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Dorothy Staley): Kaye Linden, "The Linear and Circular One Sentence of Tattoo Designs"
Poetry (Editor Gen Aris): Diane Stone, "Local Weather"

Fiction (Editor U.R. Bowie): Afia Atakora, "The Crooked Man"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Rick Sapp): Jessica Conoley, "I Am Descended from Giants"
Poetry (Editor Kaye Linden): Carolyne Wright, "Sestina: That mouth..."

Fiction (Editor U.R. Bowie): Chad W. Lutz, "Ignis Fatuus, and More, at Eleven"
Flash Story (Editor Kaye Linden): Charlotte M. Porter, "Terminal Trance"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Susie H. Baxter): Raphael Kosek, "Caregiver's Journal: How to Survive, or Not"
Poetry (Editor J.N. Fishhawk): Claire Scott, "A Mote of Dust"

Short Story (Editor Kaye Linden): Dean Gessie, "Nobody Knows How Much You Love Him"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Susie H. Baxter): Roberta Marstellar, "I Said No"
Prose Poetry (Editor Kaye Linden): Cynthia A. Roby, "U-Turn"
Poetry (Editor J.N. Fishhawk): Patrick Synan, "Outside the Clinic"

Fiction (Editor Mary Bast): Avra Margariti,"The Calligrapher"
Creative Nonfiction (Editor Susie H. Baxter): Hugh E. Suggs, "From One Field to Another"
Mixed Genre (Editor Kaye Linden): Jeff Streeby, "A Brindle Bull, After Kuòān Shīyuǎn"
Haiku (Editor Kaye Linden): Michael Dylan Welch, "Shēngxiào / 生肖"
Poetry (Editor J.N. Fishhawk): Raphael Kosek, "When the saints come among us"  

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