Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bacopa Literary Review 2019's Bugle Call: Honks, Moans, Trills, and Purrs

Our Haiku & Mixed Genre Editor Kaye Linden wrote about haiku when we were preparing for submissions in the early spring, inviting this ancient form as one of our genres for the first time in our ten years of publication.

We didn't know then the degree to which the haiku in this issue would provide a yin balance to a yang theme, across genres, of displacement and immigration.

Thus it seems propitious that we are also graced with the photographic art of Michael Allard's Sandhill Cranes for our 2019 cover, cranes often the subject of traditional haiku.

Please take a moment to listen to the many sounds of cranes, announcing their presence with loud, rattling bugle calls. Their repertoire includes honks, moans, hisses, snoring, and--from the chicks--trills and purrs.

It's been said that when cranes appear, there is something in our lives we need to pay attention to. Our editorial staff brings your attention to Bacopa Literary Review 2019, now available in print and soon to be offered in digital form.

Mary Bast, Senior Editor/Fiction Editor 
James Singer III, Associate Editor
Susie H. Baxter, Creative Nonfiction Editor
J.N. Fishhawk, Poetry Editor
Kaye Linden, Mixed Genre Editor/Haiku Editor

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