Saturday, June 26, 2021

Bacopa Literary Review 2021 Prize Winners

POETRY (Editor J.N. Fishhawk)

  • First Prize: Shana Ross, "If Betelgeuse Explodes I Will Be Sad"
  • Second Prize: Shoshauna Shy, "Key Lime Pie"

PROSE POETRY (Editor Kaye Linden)

  • First Prize: Nicole Farmer, "car wash orgasmic whirl"
  • Second Prize: Les Epstein. "Grenadine"

CREATIVE NONFICTION (Editor Stephanie Seguin)

  • First Prize: Gerald Ryan, "And The Road Goes On Forever"
  • Second Prize: Lora Straub, "A Fragile Inheritance"

FICTION (Editor J. Nishida)

  • First Prize: Tomas Baiza, "Huitzilin"
  • Second Prize: Fern F. Musselwhite, "The Vanishing Heart"


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