Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dean Gessie's award-winning collection, "Anthropocene"

by Bacopa Literary Review Editor Mary Bast
Readers searching for the artful language of Fitzgerald and the cultural relevance of Achebe in a volume that speaks directly to global citizens of the twenty-first century have finally found their lost ark . . . Keith Kupsch, Director of the Joshua Weinzweig Creative Writing Program.
Bacopa Literary Review congratulates our 2018 Short Story prize winner, Dean Gessie, awarded the Uncollected Press Prize and the Eyelands Book Award for his new short story collection, Anthropocene, published recently by The Raw Art Review/Uncollected Press.

From Anaphora Literary Press, Anna Faktorovich, Director, PhD, 1108 W. 3rd St., Quanah, TX, 79252
Gessie's poetry is "Genius with a pocketful of broken fetters." Tongo Eisen-Martin, shortlisted for the Griffin International Poetry Prize and a California Book Award
Gessie is "one of the finest short story writers in the world." Henry Stanton, Founding and Managing Editor, The Raw Art Review, Publisher, Uncollected Press, Maryland.
Dean Gessie is a Canadian author and poet who has won multiple international prizes. Dean won the Angelo Natoli Short Story Award in Australia, the Half and One Literary Prize in India, the Eyelands Book Award in Greece, the Short Story prize at the Eden Mills Writers Festival in Canada and--in Maryland--the Uncollected Press Prize for a short story collection. Dean also won the Enizagam International Poetry Contest in California and he was selected for inclusion in The Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2018 and The Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2019 by Black Mountain Press in North Carolina. In addition, Dean won the Bacopa Literary Review Short Story Contest in Florida, the Two Sisters Short Story Contest in New Mexico, the New Millennium Sunshots Flash Fiction contest in Tennessee and (twice) the After Dinner Conversation Short Story Competition in Arizona. Dean also won second prize (of 2000+ submissions) in the Short Story Project New Beginnings competition in New York and his short story made the shortlist (of 2800+ submissions) for the Alpine Fellowship Prize in Sweden.

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