Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bacopa Literary Review: Spirits Absently Floating

Poet Richard King Perkins II is a three-time Pushcart nominee and Best of the Net nominee. His work appears in hundreds of publications including Poetry Salzburg Review, Bluestem, Emrys Journal, Sierra Nevada Review, Two Thirds North, Red Cedar Review and December Magazine. He has poems forthcoming in Broad River Review, The William and Mary Review, and The Louisiana Review.

From Bacopa 2014, the Second Place winning poem by Richard King Perkins II:
Distillery of the Sun


She's a complicated person; one of those rare people
who laughs only because she's had a tough life
and can't see it at all.

What she can see, with eyes audacious and ever-reaching,
is your inner-landscape releasing oxygen

that settles upon nightfall and nearby skies
celebrating at the top of your mind and eyebrow.

It's complex, what she does; beyond the deepest blue,
evoking, in her down-to-earth way, an invitation:

come; there is so much more laughter to be revealed
and into your subtle hands will settle the essential droplets
of form and identity.


She asks where everyone has gone to
while plucking at greenery,
picking berries in purple and red,

thinking not of an alcohol made from fruit or honey
but a drink made from grain

and that we are all just spirits absently floating
out of and into the distillery of the sun

near-perfect impurities
taken by an isolation of breeze

that touches our forehead,
soon to be memory; consumed, forgotten,
perhaps never noticed at all.

Richard King Perkins II has many, many published poems; among them are these: Across the Margin, Alexandria QuarterlyBlack Heart Magazine, Black Poppy Review, Blue Bonnet Review, Broad River Review, Chicago Literati, concīs, Curator Magazine, Deltona Howl, Fishfood Literary & Creative Arts Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Fourth & Sycamore, Fox Adoption MagazineFront Porch Review, Gnarled Oak, Homestead Review, In Parentheses, Lunaris Review, minor literature [s], Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Mystic Illuminations, 99 Pine Street, Serving House Journal, Rasputin, Roanoke Review, Snapping Twig, Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, Spellabee Space, The Magnolia Review, Thick with Conviction, Thin Noon, Tipton Poetry JournalVending Machine Press, Verse Virtual, Watershed Review, whimperbang, Words Dance Publishing, Zingara Poet.

Bacopa's Submissions open until June 30, 2016

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